Local Deal Monkey http://www.local-deal-monkey.com Your local business and deal directory en-us Film Score Composers in Burbank California Film score composer is now the time? And, now the heat is on. You have the basic story and the script, but now it's time to create the film. You need to pull together the best of the best. The best producer, the best director, the best actors, and above all, the best film score and soundtrack composers that money can buy. But wait! You don't have as much money as it may take? This is where you need to speak with a truly creative film score composer. Film Score Composers why? Hollywood has give rise to award winning tight budge" flick often enough to know it can be done, but how? Who are the creative minds that pull of such an endeavor? You know your story is so poignant, its passionate, its relevant and so very compelling, that it just must be produced. The story must be told. The movie must be made. And yes, you are well aware of your budgetary restraints and now wondering where you can find these talent types of unfettered applied film score composers. You want talent that never gets too big on themselves. Talented film composers that are more concerned with the creativity of the movie production and the opportunity to usher in new styles of work and the creative minds attached than the preverbal pot of gold somewhere over the rainbow. Well, look no further, what you need now is Film Score Composers. Their music composers are the masters of movie score music. They are the masters of intuitive creation when it comes to composing the most enthralling film scores and movie soundtracks. And Film Score Composers has a bit of a reputation for multiplying the proverbial fishes and loaves, when it comes down to finding the bread. They have the Houdini touch when it comes to pulling the illusory rabbit out of the hat when push comes to shove on the shoestring budgets of a film score composer for movie soundtracks. Film Score Composers has a magical touch when it comes to creating a film score and movie soundtrack that will guarantee the creative success needed to ensure nothing less than a box office smash. Film composers the drive At Film Score Composers, the composers live to compose the kind of music that is immortal; to create the kind of music score and movie soundtrack that is the stuff award nominations are made of. The film composers at Film Score Composers thrive on the challenge of being able to create a virtual masterpiece that is distinct. When this level of creative artistic commitment is commissioned, the gamut of emotions are bound to run on high; and the creative differences between the director, producer, actors, and film score composers all, rear their heads, and conflict may arise; but all of this results in the creation of emotionally charged film score music and movie soundtrack that is sure to be the very foundation of a highly successful film. With Film Score Composers, the audience remembers not only your film, but the movie score music and soundtrack that breathed the life energy into it, making your film an event, and not just another movie. The film score composers at Film Score Composers make more than film music scores and soundtracks, they make memorable experiences for each and every movie patron. Their film music composers create movie score soundtracks that reach into the emotional reservoirs of every movie goer that experiences their musical magic, and the whole other language that their music elicits from not only the film, but from your emotional psyche as well. So, youre ready to put your movie script into production and you are very aware at how the best film movie score composers can capture the hearts and minds of an audience with their eyes closed, so you decide to seek out the best in class of film music composers because you know that the movie score will be the inspiration and motivational factor that will pull it all together for you and the entire team. So you pick up the phone and give Film Score Composers a call because you have that rare and calming notion that they can help you meet your budge and deliver to you the opportunity to collaborate with a film score composer that delivers movie score that most can only dream of. Got popcorn? http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/entertainment-and-arts/business-services-entertainment-and-arts/recording-studios/film-score-composers-in-burbank-california-211626.html Thu, 02 Dec 2010 05:46:42 GMT http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/entertainment-and-arts/business-services-entertainment-and-arts/recording-studios/film-score-composers-in-burbank-california-211626.html Plaid Jacket Music Productions Recording Studio At Plaid Jacket Music, Fair Oaks, CA. we have the skill, talent, and facilities to find to create your special sound, and it is accomplished at our own complete recording studio facilities and by a staff that not only produces and records original music but also manages audio projects for gigs such as website sound, jingles, recording compilations, and television movie sound tracks. Featuring state-of-the-art music production facilities with which we can make unmatched audio recording and combine it with studio music, we provide a wide range of service from custom songs and full mixing studio ability so that we can deliver exactly THE sound you want. At our music and audio recording studios we create your own personal promotional music, and also offer voice-over-capability if need be. And, if your own staff is blocked or you are just looking for something fresh, we can help with our own jingle writers who produce customer jingles, often times this helps unlock your teams creative juices so that the personalized music you are seeking becomes reality. If, on the other hand, you are having trouble finding the right logo music or background film sound, our film composers can create the custom song you need and provide you with the promo music and radio spots you need to help your product turn out to be the next big box office hit and make it the next must-see" movie in theaters. You would be surprised how a good film composer and just the right film music can put a winner in your hands via the creation of the perfect film soundtracks. We also have relationships with freelance and full-time composers and jingle writers who can extend their talents to produce the personalized music and jingles you need. One of the key ingredients to today's successful film is its 15-second (sound bite) or logo music. This is the music sound bite that often times goes unnoticed but is in fact a key component of the message carrier. Our composers key their custom music and custom songs to your film so that your radio spots and the film soundtracks and the promo music action on the screen and the film music are synchronized. We also maintain not only our jingle production company that is capable of creating any jingles you need but our jingle writers are some of the best in the business. As with any new launch, you want your music to be customized to your needs and we provide you with the custom music you demand and that may just help your film the next big box-office draw. Our custom ads and advertising music are known for their quality and our music for your commercials open you another line of personalized music to help draw the crowds you want. Finally, our professional music composers will help you to create the custom-made music you need as our voice-over commercial department ensures your voice-over needs are met. We also maintain a soundtrack composer to help punch up spots that may need help and a music specialist to help you through the rough spots. At Plaid Jacket we are known for our audio recording engineering and professional audio recording. http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/entertainment-and-arts/business-services-entertainment-and-arts/recording-studios/plaid-jacket-music-productions-recording-studio-211577.html Wed, 02 Jun 2010 20:16:57 GMT http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/entertainment-and-arts/business-services-entertainment-and-arts/recording-studios/plaid-jacket-music-productions-recording-studio-211577.html Sacramento Music Productions Recording Studio The Sacramento Music Productions Sound Recording Studio specializes in custom music and audio recording services for musicians, the advertising industry, radio, television, web based, and the movie sound track industry. Our studio provides world class services, with a very personal touch, to create and record original music for all forms of music production companies. Our music studio is considered the best among our clients of audio production studio(s) in the city capable of recording personalized music including custom music cds, songs and jingles. Jingle writers particularly find our sound studio appealing because of the personal attention we are able to give to each project. Our music studio also provides the service of creating and recording website music as the impact and added value of dynamic media finds it home on the web. Audio recording from the Sacramento Music Productions Audio Recording Studio is well recognized for its quality, clarity and attention to detail. If you have any audio recording needs we suggest you contact our music recording studio specialist with any questions. We also provide services for the creation of promotional music serving professionals looking to give an audio brand to a product or company. We also function as a voice over company furnishing a complete voice over service. As one of the top tear audio studios our mixing studio is capable of compilations that get results. Musicians, singers, bands, film composers, jingle production companies, talk show hosts and music production companies make frequent use of our logo music services. At the Sacramento CA music productions sound recording studio, we particularly enjoy the creation of radio spots because, as we say, radio sound is your white board. Jingle writers can also benefit by way our custom song recording or promo music programs. When it comes to our experience as a film music composer we offer a very fresh approach with numerous collaborations via our Hollywood Los Angeles contacts. Those in the composers film world quickly become comfortable recording composer film soundtracks with the help and support of our in-depth music studio experience. We also open our doors to film composers in need of the recording technology to ask us to take part in their project of the creation of original film music. Sacramento California based we are not far from the metro areas San Francisco and Los Angeles. Our custom music recording services have helped many to bridge the gap between creativity and music production. If you are in need of a studio to record advertising music for your custom ads then you will find endless benefits in working with our highly experienced and creative advertising sound staff. We offer astonishing and astounding services for recording music for commercials. Our music production and sound recording studio offers our clients the very best in personalized music and we extend all of our services down into the San Francisco bay area and as far as even Los Angles. Our voice over studio services deliver amazing results for voice over commercials, soundtrack composers and audio recording engineers searching that perfect compilation of sound. Our audio and music specialists will set your creative desires at ease once you preview our professional audio recording and custom made music recordings. Experienced in the area of film music composition we are highly aware of the budgetary challenges of a custom sound track project, so we invite film music composers to contact us and ask how we can so effectively help them to deliver on time in within budget. So whether you're a band, solo artist, a vocalist or in need of custom music for radio, web or TV we suggest you consider our services and experienced abilities. We are located in the Sacramento Valley area but we easily serve San Francisco, and Los Angles as well. http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/entertainment-and-arts/business-services-entertainment-and-arts/recording-studios/sacramento-music-productions-recording-studio-211576.html Wed, 02 Jun 2010 19:23:26 GMT http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/entertainment-and-arts/business-services-entertainment-and-arts/recording-studios/sacramento-music-productions-recording-studio-211576.html 10 MM Bootleg Studio Recording Studios in Yarmouth Port, MA http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/entertainment-and-arts/business-services-entertainment-and-arts/recording-studios/-mm-bootleg-studio-100.html Wed, 17 Mar 2010 02:45:28 GMT http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/entertainment-and-arts/business-services-entertainment-and-arts/recording-studios/-mm-bootleg-studio-100.html 4 12 Records Recording Studios in Roslindale, MA http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/entertainment-and-arts/business-services-entertainment-and-arts/recording-studios/-records-688.html Wed, 17 Mar 2010 02:45:28 GMT http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/entertainment-and-arts/business-services-entertainment-and-arts/recording-studios/-records-688.html