Local Deal Monkey http://www.local-deal-monkey.com Your local business and deal directory en-us Dania Medical Supply Equipment I found Dania Medical Supply and Equipment is conveniently located at 346 East Dania Beach Boulevard in Dania Beach Florida, eliminating the possibility that I would have to travel the proverbial country mile to get the home medical supplies that I needed. Even from Miami Beach they are easily accessible and they deliver to make things the simplest ever. The staff at Dania Beach Medical Supply has been totally sensitive to my medical needs, being very well trained, and knowledgeable in every aspect of their vast inventory of the home medical equipment that they provide. Their personal dedication to their customer's medical supply satisfaction is second to none. When my medical condition necessitated that I use a supportive hospital bed and mattress for proper posture, and healing, for an extended period of time, I was given a choice in both beds and hospital mattresses. My choices included manual hospital bed and mattress, or a semi-electric hospital bed. I was also given the choice of a low air loss mattress or a gel mattress overlay to help preserve the integrity of my skin. Now, sometimes when it rains, it really does pour. So, when my metaphoric healthy monsoon season began, and I was in need of not only home medical equipment, but a provider who was both sensitive, and also totally capable of making me feel comfortable, knowing I would be in competent hands. My quest for that kind of empathic expertise led me to a company that could I knew I'd be in great hands with, Dania Medical Supplies. I ,thankfully don't need every product that Dania Medical Supplies carries, but if and when that time ever comes, and for those of you with specific medical conditions, Dania is the place to go for the best selection in the highest quality medical supplies, as well as the most knowledgeable and caring staff and service. Because when you are already hurting, you don't need the pain and hassle of incompetence. So, whether you are in need of diabetic needs such as a glucometer, medical enema supplies for a colitis condition, nebulizer kits for all types of respiratory conditions from ashma to cystic fibrosis , mastectomy products. Dania Medical Supplies also carries a large selection of mobility aids from standard manual and lightweight to heavy duty wheelchairs, two wheel, and four wheel walkers and canes. For large persons who need to be moved, Dania carries hydraulic Hoyer lifts, which makes moving patients safer and less stressful for both the patient, and the caregiver. So if you, or a loved one, are ever in need of medical supplies in the Daina or Miami Florida area, and you want more than just a store that sells medical supplies, Daina Medical Supply can meet and exceed your medical supply expectations. There knowledgeable staff and attention to your personal medical supply needs will offer a refreshing experience as you deal with a merchant who, 100% of the time, puts their client's needs first and foremost. http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/health-and-beauty/medical-and-hospital-equipment/medical-supply-and-equip/dania-medical-supply-equipment-211669.html Sun, 12 Feb 2012 21:17:23 GMT http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/health-and-beauty/medical-and-hospital-equipment/medical-supply-and-equip/dania-medical-supply-equipment-211669.html Medical Supply Center Beverly Hills In todays world where has become as utopian an idea as lush British meadows, several home medical supplies centers, complete with their make shift medical tents and mechanized lifts, have become the next best thing to a hospital on wheels at your beck and call. The Medical Supply Center of Beverly Hills CA is one such trusted name in this business whose efficient service and their dedication to the well-being of its clients has it to a enterprise. The home medical equipments being offered are of the latest and most affordable. While the medical equipments provided at this supply center are at their possible best, the staff is also trained to handle any questions, concerns, and even any occasional medical supply dilemma. So, when it comes to medical supply products it wont be surprising if the service and knowledge offered is found to be better than that offered by your local hospital. Hospital Beds and Mattresses These are the primary requirements in any kind of medical assistance. Proper rest is the prerequisite of a fast recovery and every patient has the right to being comfortable during an ailing period. The line of semi-electrical hospital beds are available to offer the mobility and comfort required by some during times of ill health and tent units can be added to create a cozy temperature and oxygen regulated zone. To ensure a sore-free recovery, on offer are special mattresses of the low air loss and gel overlay type. Convalescence could never be a better experience. Mobility Mobility concerns are a crucial area of home medical supplies, for when investigating such equipments apart from comfort and medical efficiency, a third dimension that of ease of movement is highly required for the device to be desirably effective. Five kinds of wheelchairs available, Manual, Standard, Lightweight, Heavy Duty and the latest Power Motorized ones are selected for offer which meet the highest standards of safety and therefore making any possible wheelchair malfunction, even those odd funny ones seen in the movies, an unlikely impossibility. Mobility Scooters are also available for the more mobile ambitious. In the Walkers category are offered 2 wheels and 4 wheels walkers. In case of bed to wheelchair or any such movements, Hoyer lifts are an assured option. Sleep Apnea CPAP The sleep disorder, Sleep Apnea, requires expert monitoring as the patient is often unaware of the manifestation of the breathing trouble while he is asleep. Complicated as it may sound it easily addresses by way of the use of the sophisticated home medical equipments known as CPAP and BiPAP machines which are readily available. These PAP machines (Positive Airway Pressure) can ensure adequate respiratory ventilation during ones sleep finally making a restful night of sleep an option for those who likely miss it the most. Miscellaneous Apart from such general equipments such as the beds and the medical oxygen supply, which is a clich that most people place second in priority after a hospital bed need it or not, there are a host of other specialized tools which find greater use in specific conditions. . Medical enema supplies, diabetic supplies are among the many specialized home medical supplies that Beverly Hills Medical Supply Center boasts of. Home medical equipments such as Glucometer, to diagnose diabetes, and Nebulizers, to provide relief to an Asthma patient are duly administered via following steps determined accordingly by a medical professional. Another very common occurrence is the fracturing of bones. It is something that is never age specific. In the aftermath of such an accident, it is mandatory for the patient to restrict motion and support to the affected parts of the body. The braces such as back and knee braces, and ankle and elbow supports come about as extremely handy devices in such situations. All in all, the Beverly Hills Medical Supply Center promises everything in the way of the latest medical supply technology that can make a patients experience while healing as comfortable and as enjoyable as it can be. http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/health-and-beauty/medical-and-hospital-equipment/medical-supply-and-equip/medical-supply-center-beverly-hills-211651.html Fri, 26 Aug 2011 20:21:45 GMT http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/health-and-beauty/medical-and-hospital-equipment/medical-supply-and-equip/medical-supply-center-beverly-hills-211651.html Miami CPAP Machines for Sleep Apnea CPAP Sleep Apnea Machines in Miami Are you looking for CPAP machines sourced by the highest quality manufacturers in the business to provide the best in class support to your loved ones or patients? Contact us at Miami CPAP immediately. We proffer the best quality sleep apnea machines from the reputed brand like CPAP Resmed that can deliver 4 and 20 cm H2O pressure. Normally sleep therapists at the sleep laboratories decide the water pressure depending on the patients requirements and needs. For the specific patients they recommend to use the pressure level up to 25 or 30 cm H2O. We also have Respironics that are extensively built to help the patients to streamline the air flow and in turn the breathing pattern. The ultra sensitive snore detection is the ultimate feature of our CPAP machines and the supporting accessories. CPAP Face Masks and accessories in Florida We, at Miami CPAP, supply CPAP full face masks which are available with a flexible headgear strap and a forehead support. If you want you can also obtain the CPAP masks without a headgear buckles or support. We deliver the appropriate instructions on application and use of the CPAP face mask so that the customer can apply it and breathe happily without any fear of losing the connection. There are three different size masks like small, medium and large available with us to suit with the requirement of the user and the customer. Silicone cushion CPAP masks are also available with us to provide flexibility and total comfort to the users. Nasal CPAP products for Miami area The Nasal CPAP accessories are the revolutionary interface of the modern days CPAP therapy. They provide excellent support during the application of the processes to the patients and aid in leading toward a speedy recovery. At Miami CPAP, we offer the Nasal support with the high quality Nasal pillow CPAP. There are materials like soft clothes offering product uniqueness and these accessories are available in different choices in and of colors. We also offer Nasal Pillow CPAP to provide that indescribable perfect fit to the users while using the nasal support accessories. The water resistant CPAP humidifier supplied by us is durable and easy to use and understand with the adjustable features that can be fine tuned according to the users needs. We have both the cold and the heated humidifier to meet the exact requirements from the users. Portable CPAP Machines - go mobile If a particular user is mobile and is required to travel from a place to place, they may do so with ease with our support of them in their portable CPAP with appropriate portable accessories. Our aim is to provide complete support at all tough times, whether it be stationary or portable. We offer Portable CPAP machines that are easier to carry while moving from one place to another. The travel CPAP machines are manufactured via a unique although simple design that allows them to be carried easily. The adjustable apnea or hypopnea detection, pressure ramp, automatic operating systems with an easy to operate manual is what makes these sleep apnea machines unique. We also proffer the CPAP machines that are portable with the smart code compliance tracking system and the automatic altitude adjustment. We are the one stop medical supply company that offer various sleep apnea and CPAP therapy accessories and machines. Stop by and get the professionals here at Miami CPAP to discuss our support for any CPAP therapy machine. http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/health-and-beauty/medical-and-hospital-equipment/medical-supply-and-equip/miami-cpap-machines-for-sleep-apnea-211606.html Thu, 07 Oct 2010 14:53:11 GMT http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/health-and-beauty/medical-and-hospital-equipment/medical-supply-and-equip/miami-cpap-machines-for-sleep-apnea-211606.html Boston CPAP Sleep Apnea Machines CPAP Machines for Sleep Apnea in Boston Be it at the hospital or at home, the CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines are widely used for those who require external support in the ICUs or undergo sleep apnea therapy. Boston CPAP offers the highest in quality sleep apnea or CPAP machines to those patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. Our Respironics units are built to amazing detail to regularize the air steam through a hose so that the users can sleep without any disturbance. The undisturbed breathing pattern helps the patients in the intensive care unit to sleep and rest with tranquility. We provide our customers a quality life and a breathing pattern by offering the best brand CPAP Resmed. If you want to prevent the apneas and hypopneas, we are the right people to talk to. Contact us now and rid yourself of these problems. CPAP Face Masks Accessories for Boston area If you are in need of the CPAP masks along with the machines, not to worry. You have come to the right place. We offer the CPAP full face mask that is built of quality materials along with the extra headgear straps and buckles to provide complete comfort to the users. Our CPAP face mask is manufactured with the extreme care so that users can sleep without any fear and resume their daily acts without ever giving a second thought to the notion of having an external support unit designed to streamline their breathing pattern for a once again restful nights sleep. You can avail the right sized cpap mask from our varieties and styles and sizes available from us. We have small, medium and large sized masks to support and fit all kind of faces. Nasal CPAP : Boston, MA Since so many changes are happening in the medical field, CPAP therapy as well goes through many upgrades periodically. The recent and the biggest upgrade is the Nasal CPAP accessories that make the therapy easier and more comfortable to the patients. As the end to end therapy supporters, we offer Nasal CPAP that includes Nasal pillow CPAP and a humidifier. The Nasal pillow CPAP works as the perfect compliment to fit the user and make the process successful. Our durable, water resistant CPAP humidifier helps to moisture the air passed up from the CPAP machine, so that the dry air causing swelling and irritation can be avoided. We focus on giving complete care to our customers. We offer heated as well as cold humidifiers that are water resistant and durable and satisfy our customers requirements completely. Portable CPAP in Massachusetts Are you in the look out for the CPAP machines that can help even while traveling? These machines can be found right here right now. We have all of the latest in travel CPAP machines and supporting accessories which are built with the adjustable apnea or hypopnea detection systems. The auto CPAP machines are not only easier to operate but also makes life simpler with the automatic adjustment features. The pressure ramp is beautifully interfaced with our portable CPAP machines so that both the water and air pressure can be monitored and adjusted automatically or if necessary manually. The reminder alert will help the customers to use the machine properly. The backlit LCD is one of the best features that are amazingly fitted in our CPAP machines. The machine is delivered to you with an easy to follow CPAP user manual for the easiest possible usage during the entire therapy period. http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/health-and-beauty/medical-and-hospital-equipment/medical-supply-and-equip/boston-cpap-sleep-apnea-machines-211605.html Thu, 07 Oct 2010 14:48:12 GMT http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/health-and-beauty/medical-and-hospital-equipment/medical-supply-and-equip/boston-cpap-sleep-apnea-machines-211605.html One Stop Medical Supplies - North Miami Beach We offer the best services by supplying home medical equipments at your doorsteps. All the largely sized home medical supplies such as semi electric hospital beds mattresses, motorized and menual wheelchairs, 2 4 wheel walkers and scooters from trusted brands are available at One Stop Medical Supply company located in North Miami Beach. We provide semi-electrical hospital beds that are checked for scratch resistance. Our low air loss mattress products are designed for the most comfortable use so that the patient may eliminate their pain and/or discomfort while sleeping. If you have, or know of, someone with pressure ulcers we can supply the gel overlay mattress designed to protect the patients from the pain and discomfort of this issue. If you are in need of wheelchairs we stock many types so you can choose the right one from the options available with us. We also can supply specially designed light weight wheelchairs that enhance the user friendliness of your wheel equipment by eliminating any all extra weight whenever possible. If you rather, we also have Manual wheelchairs in various models. If you are looking for standard wheelchairs we can help you with this need of simple design but always with the users convenience in mind. For the larger individual our heavy duty wheelchairs can aid users weighing up to 450 lbs due to its steel frame structure and with a solid, soft textile covering it. Power motarized wheelchairs are the best option for users who are unable to access the wheelchairs manually. The bottom line is, we offer wheelchairs to help patients move around comfortably. With the North Miami Beach Home Medical Supply Equipment, patients can feel absolutely comfortable and move around comfortably. If you need walkers for people who are in the risk of falling down you can contact us immediately for delivery. We are alsways looking forward to helping you with your medical supply needs. The users can get support with the 2 wheels walkers by resting their full weight on it. Do you need a form of mobile support for a patient to walk around briskly without worrying about falling and breaking their bones? You can make use of the 4 wheels walker from us to lead an easy and comfortable lifestyle. Our walkers are designed with a feather touch hand breaking system and an appropriate back support for compact transporting. Lifting inpatients is not an easy task for all. If you are in need of lifting patients frequently to support their movements you can consider using Hoyer lifts from us. Care takers health which is ignored most of the times, need to be given utmost care and attended to with importance. You can assemble and reassemble these lifts easily. Do you have anybody with the problem of sleep apnea? We are here to help you. We carry CPAP and BIPAP oxygen machines to support people with sleep disorders or apnea. Apart from the bigger and heavyweight home care equipments, we also support patients and families with light weight and small sized home medical supplies in Miami FL area. We carry glucometers to help you keep up with your blood glucose levels by periodic checks. Nebulizer kits are available with us in any time of need. We also have back braces, Knee and ankle support for those suffering from pain in their joints. Elbow support can be used in place of antibiotics and other medications that cause side effects. We can offer tent units too to take care of the patients suffering from pains. We stand by our name and are always ready to provide all the necessary home medical supplies you need right to your doorstep. http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/health-and-beauty/medical-and-hospital-equipment/medical-supply-and-equip/one-stop-medical-supplies-north-miami-beach-211538.html Mon, 19 Apr 2010 20:38:35 GMT http://www.local-deal-monkey.com/health-and-beauty/medical-and-hospital-equipment/medical-supply-and-equip/one-stop-medical-supplies-north-miami-beach-211538.html