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Bridge Family Dental

8116 3rd Ave
Bay Ridge Brooklyn, New York 11209
United States of America

URL: http://www.brooklynbayridgedentist.com

Summery: When it comes to your dental needs, the dentists in Bay Ridge NY are ready to help. Serving Bay Ridge / Fort Hamilton and the Greater Brooklyn NY area, Dental Office can handle any oral issue from the routine to the complex. They are waiting for your call.

formally Alpha Star Dental

For more than a decade, a small dental practice tucked into Bay Ridge NY, but also serving Fort Hamilton and Greater Brooklyn, has been helping folks. Bridge Family Dental, a general dental practice, is first and foremost a family dentist that features gentle dentistry. As general dentists, they meet the needs of their customers whether those needs are for an emergency filling, broken crown or impacted tooth. The staff at Alph Star includes not only DMDs/DDSs but also dental specialists who can easily meet your needs. So, if you are looking for a family dental practice to handle your general or emergency dental needs, call or visitBridge Family Dental's office today.

Cosmetic dentistry is a rapidly growing field. The reason is simple: people know that a white, winning smile can help in business as much or more than being a sales expert or top person in your field. Cosmetic dentistry, whether it is tooth whitening or veneers or lumineers has to be done correctly the first time. That's why the experts at Bridge Family Dental Clinic never rush any dental process as patience ensures the job is done. Leaders in cosmetic dentistry in Bay Ridge NY, the professionals at Bridge Family Dental are also experts at restorative dentistry, another area of importance, as a great smile sometime requires restoration of a damaged tooth. Bridge Family Dental knows how to not only keep your teeth in good condition but they can also restore your smile. For example, if you need dental implants in Bay Ridge NY, then you will find one on the staff of Bridge Family Dental in Brooklyn NY . They are rated among the best dentists in Bay Ridge New York area and their dental office is also highly rated.

Bridge Family Dental is an especially good resource in a dental emergency (Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY area) as the doctor/dentists that are on staff can handle any problem from an dental infection to an extraction, if they have to. A top local dentist, Bridge Family Dental boasts some of the best cosmetic and general dental dentists in the 3rd Ave Bay Ridge NY area. So if you need to find a good dentist in Bay Ridge or Fort Hamilton NY, who is nearby, the Bridge Family Dental team should be your stop.

Bridge Family Dental Office in Brooklyn has a number of specialists represented on the staff. If you need relief from the pain of TMJ, you will find a TMJ dental specialist offering TMJ relief in BayRidge area ready to meet your needs. Or, if you need a new dental crown or crown replacement, again, Bridge Family Dentists are there for you with a crown dental specialist. And, best of all they practice painless dentistry. So, if you are searching in Bay-Ridge for a dentist who cannot only handle your day-to-day needs but also specialties such as Invisalign, then you will be heading to the right place if you contact the Bridge Family Dental Center. Run by Dr. Violetta Thierbach DDS, a leading cosmetic dentistry specialists with more than 20 years of experience, you can call Bridge Family Dental 1-888-477-6549. It will be the best call you make that day.

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Phone: (718) 833-1847

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