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Boston Mobility Scooters

1579B Commonwealth Ave
Boston, Massachusetts 02135
United States of America

URL: http://boston.affordable-mobility-scooter.com/

Summery: At Boston Mobility Scooter, we wait to serve with electric, medical, wheelchair & disability scooters. We carry pride mobility and electric scooters

When you buy the electric mobility scooters from our stores, it becomes easier to love them since our disability scooters come from the highest brand names like shoprider and pride electric scooter. All of our road legal mobility scooters are built with the highest precision speed control systems so that the user can rely on it with ease on legal roads as well just for general use on a paved surface. Speed control is very important when the user moves from surface to surface, pavement to non-pavement and vice versa. The wheelchair scooter offer the mobility just as if he / she is traveling in a car. With the push back and reclining seat and with comfortable handles, this personal mobility scooter allows the owner to forget the fact that they have a disability to transport themselves from place to place. We have 3 or 4 wheel medical scooters that induce power in user’s movements by ruling out the dependency on others. We aim at increasing the self confidence and removing the insecurity feeling in people with disabilities by providing the best quality medicare scooter. The medical electric scooters offer a great solution when the user needs to move outdoors as well indoors on with the need to also carry medical supplies or equipment eliminating the portability problem when it comes to moving distances on mobility scooters. We always think in accordance with our user’s viewpoint. And to meet the needs of our clients we to make their travel and mobility easier, we offer a very wide range of portable mobility scooters that are specially designed and built by the well know brands like pride and shoprider mobility scooters. Contact us now to make your life’s mobility challenges disappear so you can travel from place to place with ease.

Discount Mobility Scooters in Boston

We understand the anxiety of spending money on buying things however much important they are in life. This understanding prompted us to create a line of discount mobility scooters for our clients who have less of budget in their mind for buying the mobility scooters they are wishing to own. These are not cheap mobility scooters by any estimation but rather high quality slightly used but sturdy and strong enough to remain in service for years to come. We never compromise on quality over the price hence selling the best quality discount mobility scooters at the most affordable prices. We also offer second hand mobility scooters that come in 3 or 4 wheels. If you need the scooters to use indoors as well outdoors, the 3 wheel used mobility scooters are the best choice due to its maneuverable features. These 3 wheel mobility scooters offer a smaller turning radius that will make your indoor mobility more maneuverable and comfortable. The new as well as used mobility scooters with 4 wheels work the best for outdoor movements due to their higher ground clearance with faster mobility service. We also offer 3 or 4 wheel used medical scooters to move around hospitals or medical centers for treatment purposes. While the 3 wheel scooters provide a comfortable turning radius, the 4 wheel mobility scooters provide stability and a long run time out of doors. Again, these machines are not cheap mobility scooters by any stretch rather the final cost often times depending on whether you need them for indoor purposes or to move around out of doors. If you cannot afford to buy a mobility scooter and the need is a short term one, we have a choice for you. You can avail our mobility scooter rental services and save money on buying the same.

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters for Massachusetts

For the heavily built extra large sized users, we offer heavy duty mobility scooters. It is very common for people with a disability to gain weight in the hip or tummy or thigh area. In keeping such users in mind, we have a complete line of heavy duty mobility scooters for sale. The bariatric scooters built for heavy weight users can manage people up to 325 to 500 lbs. The three wheel scooters built for the extra large sized users can be used for indoor as well out door purposes. The four wheel bariatric mobility scooter can be used for out of door purposes and provide the owner the comfort of driving and traveling in the comfort of their own scooter vehicle. We also offer handicap scooters that are built specially for the people who want to move around without even realizing that they are handicapped. If you want to regain personal mobility but the use of a disabled mobility scooter seems a bit frightening, do not be scared even for a moment. We have lightweight mobility scooters that are easier to maneuver and carry around while traveling than ever before. In fact, our travel mobility scooter comes from the finest manufactures such as Pride or Shoprider so that we can assure the durability and strength of every product we sell to you. We also carry adult electric scooter for non-medical needs for the general public of people with limited mobility. These electric mobility scooters come with easy maneuver features and requires less manual operation. Avail the best services from our Boston Mobility Scooter stores and get rid of mobility issues in your life. Our professionals will get you moving around with the help of these scooters comfortably.

Mobility Scooter Batteries & Accessories : Boston MA area

Apart from the pride electric, and shoprider mobility scooters, the mobility scooter batteries & accessories are also available with us. For your …stuff" you definitely need to have the scooter bag that ranges from a pannier to basket bag. We also offer a basket liner for covering the basket bag. The pannier bag offered from us is sturdy enough so that it can be hung at the side of your wheel mobility scooter. You can also get the bottle bag so that you can keep your water bottles while moving around in your wheel electric scooter. The mobility scooter canopy available in our stores which can act as a wheel mobility scooter cape so that you are protected while moving outdoors during changing climatic conditions. As you are aware mobility scooters are powered by the finest of custom mobility scooter batteries and are available with us at affordable prices. We also guide the users how to maintain the batteries so that they can last longer. When we install batteries into a mobility scooter we check all connections for corrosion and offer you tips to properly clean them periodically to safeguard the life of your mobility scooter batteries so that you can move around in your scooter without worrying about the charge going off in the middle of your journey. It is also important to charge the batteries appropriately to ensure they last for longer rather than shorter runtime hours. Get help from our professionals by contacting them now to learn how to properly maintain your pride or shoprider mobility scooter.

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Phone: 888-354-9570

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