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One Stop Medical Supplies - North Miami Beach

3773 NE 163 Street
North Miami Beach, Florida 33160
United States of America

URL: http://www.miami-medical-supply.com/

Summery: North Miami Beach, Florida based Home Medical Supply offers home medical equipment, including: semi electric hospital beds, hoyar lifts, glucometers, walkers, motorized & menual wheelchairs, scooters, Tent Units, CPAP and BiPAP oxygen machines.

We offer the best services by supplying home medical equipments at your doorsteps. All the largely sized home medical supplies such as semi electric hospital beds & mattresses, motorized and menual wheelchairs, 2 & 4 wheel walkers and scooters from trusted brands are available at One Stop Medical Supply company located in North Miami Beach. We provide semi-electrical hospital beds that are checked for scratch resistance. Our low air loss mattress products are designed for the most comfortable use so that the patient may eliminate their pain and/or discomfort while sleeping. If you have, or know of, someone with pressure ulcers we can supply the gel overlay mattress designed to protect the patients from the pain and discomfort of this issue.

If you are in need of wheelchairs we stock many types so you can choose the right one from the options available with us. We also can supply specially designed light weight wheelchairs that enhance the user friendliness of your wheel equipment by eliminating any all extra weight whenever possible. If you rather, we also have Manual wheelchairs in various models. If you are looking for standard wheelchairs we can help you with this need of simple design but always with the user’s convenience in mind. For the larger individual our heavy duty wheelchairs can aid users weighing up to 450 lbs due to its steel frame structure and with a solid, soft textile covering it. Power motarized wheelchairs are the best option for users who are unable to access the wheelchairs manually. The bottom line is, we offer wheelchairs to help patients move around comfortably.

With the North Miami Beach Home Medical Supply & Equipment, patients can feel absolutely comfortable and move around comfortably. If you need walkers for people who are in the risk of falling down you can contact us immediately for delivery. We are alsways looking forward to helping you with your medical supply needs. The users can get support with the 2 wheels walkers by resting their full weight on it. Do you need a form of mobile support for a patient to walk around briskly without worrying about falling and breaking their bones? You can make use of the 4 wheels walker from us to lead an easy and comfortable lifestyle. Our walkers are designed with a feather touch hand breaking system and an appropriate back support for compact transporting.

Lifting inpatients is not an easy task for all. If you are in need of lifting patients frequently to support their movements you can consider using Hoyer lifts from us. Care takers health which is ignored most of the times, need to be given utmost care and attended to with importance. You can assemble and reassemble these lifts easily. Do you have anybody with the problem of sleep apnea? We are here to help you. We carry CPAP and BIPAP oxygen machines to support people with sleep disorders or apnea.

Apart from the bigger and heavyweight home care equipments, we also support patients and families with light weight and small sized home medical supplies in Miami FL area. We carry glucometers to help you keep up with your blood glucose levels by periodic checks. Nebulizer kits are available with us in any time of need. We also have back braces, Knee and ankle support for those suffering from pain in their joints. Elbow support can be used in place of antibiotics and other medications that cause side effects. We can offer tent units too to take care of the patients suffering from pains. We stand by our name and are always ready to provide all the necessary home medical supplies you need right to your doorstep.

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Phone: (888) 209-3718

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