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Medical Supply Center Beverly Hills

213 South Robertson Blvd.
Beverly Hills, California 90211
United States of America

URL: http://www.medical-supply-center.com/

Summery: Home Durable Medical Supplies in Beverly Hills CA

In today’s world where ‘safety’ has become as utopian an idea as lush British meadows, several home medical supplies centers, complete with their make shift medical tents and mechanized lifts, have become the next best thing to a hospital on wheels at your beck and call. The Medical Supply Center of Beverly Hills CA is one such trusted name in this business whose efficient service and their dedication to the well-being of it’s clients has ‘aided’ it to a ‘healthy’ enterprise. The home medical equipments being offered are of the latest and most affordable. While the medical equipments provided at this supply center are at their possible best, the staff is also trained to handle any questions, concerns, and even any occasional medical supply dilemma. So, when it comes to medical supply products it won’t be surprising if the service and knowledge offered is found to be better than that offered by your local hospital.

Hospital Beds and Mattresses

These are the primary requirements in any kind of medical assistance. Proper rest is the prerequisite of a fast recovery and every patient has the right to being comfortable during an ailing period. The line of semi-electrical hospital beds are available to offer the mobility and comfort required by some during times of ill health and tent units can be added to create a cozy temperature and oxygen regulated zone. To ensure a sore-free recovery, on offer are special mattresses of the low air loss and gel overlay type. Convalescence could never be a better experience. Mobility Mobility concerns are a crucial area of home medical supplies, for when investigating such equipments apart from comfort and medical efficiency, a third dimension that of ease of movement is highly required for the device to be desirably effective. Five kinds of wheelchairs available, Manual, Standard, Lightweight, Heavy Duty and the latest Power Motorized ones are selected for offer which meet the highest standards of safety and therefore making any possible wheelchair malfunction, even those odd funny ones seen in the movies, an unlikely impossibility. Mobility Scooters are also available for the more mobile ambitious. In the Walkers category are offered 2 wheels and 4 wheels walkers. In case of bed to wheelchair or any such movements, Hoyer lifts are an assured option.

Sleep Apnea & CPAP

The sleep disorder, Sleep Apnea, requires expert monitoring as the patient is often unaware of the manifestation of the breathing trouble while he is asleep. Complicated as it may sound it easily addresses by way of the use of the sophisticated home medical equipments known as CPAP and BiPAP machines which are readily available. These PAP machines (Positive Airway Pressure) can ensure adequate respiratory ventilation during ones sleep finally making a restful night of sleep an option for those who likely miss it the most.


Apart from such general equipments such as the beds and the medical oxygen supply, which is a cliché that most people place second in priority after a hospital bed need it or not, there are a host of other specialized tools which find greater use in specific conditions. . Medical enema supplies, diabetic supplies are among the many specialized home medical supplies that Beverly Hills Medical Supply Center boasts of. Home medical equipments such as Glucometer, to diagnose diabetes, and Nebulizers, to provide relief to an Asthma patient are duly administered via following steps determined accordingly by a medical professional. Another very common occurrence is the fracturing of bones. It is something that is never age specific. In the aftermath of such an accident, it is mandatory for the patient to restrict motion and support to the affected parts of the body. The braces such as back and knee braces, and ankle and elbow supports come about as extremely handy devices in such situations. All in all, the Beverly Hills Medical Supply Center promises everything in the way of the latest medical supply technology that can make a patient’s experience while healing as comfortable and as enjoyable as it can be.

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Phone: 888-247-3710

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