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Framingham Dance Studio and Classes

CALL: (888) 876-1730

1255 Worcester Rd
Framingham, Massachusetts 01701
United States of America

URL: http://www.framingham-dance-studio.com

Summery: If you want fun, health and a great stress-busting session rolled into oneā€¦ learn to dance! Children and grown-ups, men and women alike have discovered dance lessons in salsa, hip hop and ballroom dancing at Framingham Dance Studio and Classes in MetroWes

Provided by Ilta Dance Studio

Life in a dance studio The dance studio is a place for people to let their hair down, turn the music up and surrender to it. Professional dance classes are offered in a variety of choices and flavors, from the traditional to the contemporary. The days of judgment, when the words “hip hop lessons” would have raised a laugh, are definitely over. The glide and the moonwalk can be exactly as intricate and graceful as the waltz and heel turn, and your time at a hip hop dance studio will only help you understand that. So while ballroom dancing lessons are an available option on the list, they are no longer the only one. Whether you enjoy Bach or Drake more, the Framingham School of Dance had better be on your to-do list! Sultry Salsa Dancing - Framingham Salsa dancing is catching on like wildfire over the past few years. To anyone who has seen Latinos dance, this shouldn’t be at all surprising - even during a latin dance lesson, the energy is contagious! The basic steps of salsa are easy enough to be fun, while the advanced ones are complex enough to keep posing an attractive challenge for the willing learner. This is what makes it a favorite among the latin dances, over and above the cha-cha, rumba or mambo. It takes over a year of salsa lessons to master all the steps, but the appreciation a well-executed salsa dance gets is more than worth the effort! At Framingham MA, our latin dance classes are now the most popular among teenagers and young adults. Wedding Dance Lessons for D-Day Metro West While hip hop and salsa are making waves all over the world, the wedding dance can still leave many people in a soup. While the bride and groom are undoubtedly under pressure to look graceful and photogenic on the dance floor, so are the groomsmen, the bridesmaids and all the guests wishing to find a partner or at least leave behind a favorable impression. Professional dance classes provide that extra touch of confidence and grace on the dance floor, adding to the heady mix of emotions already present on a wedding day. Wedding dance lessons, where people practice with their prospective partners, are always good preparation for a wedding. The good news here is that the wedding dance is actually quite simple, so that a sense of rhythm is enough to pick it up within a few weeks! We have Kids’ Dance Classes Too! This is not to say that dance classes are only for adults! Dance lessons for children are equally useful for hyperactive as well as sedentary children. A good hour-long dance session can help a hyperactive child channel his or her energy, so that the child leaves the room a lot calmer than he/she came in. Dance classes for kids can also draw otherwise introverted and sedentary children out of their shells, helping them interact with others and slowly raising their overall energy levels. In fact, dance classes for children diagnosed with borderline mental disorders have also been known to provide therapeutic effects. Put together, this becomes a powerful case for letting children dance rather than letting them stay cooped up within their bedrooms.

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CALL: (888) 876-1730

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