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New England Interlock

CALL: 888-907-6230

78 Eddy Street
Attleboro, Massachusetts 02703
United States of America

URL: http://www.ignitioninterlockingdevice.com/

Summery: Ignition Interlock Devices in Attleboro MA

New England Interlock - The Standard in Ignition Interlock Devices and Installation

New England Interlock is setting the standard for Lifesafter ignition interlock devices in the industry. A vehicle interlock device is a special car breathalyzer that is designed to pick up signs of alcohol usage on an individuals breath. According to the OUI in Massachusetts laws, also known as Melanie's Law, anyone that is charged with a driving under the influence crime will be mandated to have an ignition interlocking device installed inside of their vehicles.

Why Choose NE Interlock For A Lifesafer Ignition Interlock Device Installation?

There are a lot of companies that presently sell the in car breathalyzer devices that people who have been accused of a DUI in Massachusetts have to use. With all of the companies that there are to choose from, what makes NE Interlock any different from their competitors?

Prompt Professional Service:

New England Interlock does not look at their customers like they are another monetary figure to add to their roster. NE Interlock appreciates their customers. They understand that all of their clients want to receive prompt and professional service from a staff that understands the way that the Lifesafer ignition breathalyzer devices work. The employees that provide professional breath interlock device installations have a general understanding of how the devices work and an expert knowledge when it comes to the installation process.

Private means private

New England Interlock works exceptionally hard to ensure that all of their client’s private information is kept discrete. Most people that have been accused of breaking the drinking and driving laws do not want their faults to be forecasted to the world. NE Interlock appreciates their customers, and would never expose any of their client’s personal information to any outside parties.

Expert Mobile Electronics Specialist

NE Interlock has adept installers that are responsible for attaching the interlock breathalyzer to the dashboard of your vehicle. They have numerous installers on staff that specialize in highly complex custom mobile electronic devices as well as the breathalyzer ignition interlock device and various other types of electronic safety and security devices. These same installers have service mobile electronics on everything form a factory standard automobiles to custom luxury & sports vehicles. The installers that are employed by New England Interlock know how to properly install interlock devices in various models and styles of vehicles while also caring for the vehicle they are servicing. The product that NE Interlock offers is known as the Life Safer Ignition Interlock Device. This product is the oldest in car breathalyzer system on the market. With being the oldest system on the market, it has been tested extensively to reveal any faults that the system may have. To date, there has not been one person that has complained about the system forecasting any inaccurate readings. After the installation process has been completed, NE Interlock will perform monthly evaluations on the equipment that was installed in your vehicle. The monthly testing that NE Interlock performs will help ensure that the system that was placed in your vehicle is performing the way that it is supposed to as time progresses. New England Interlock should be your number one choice for all of your interlocking device needs. The company has built up a rapport with the in car breathalyzer industry and is trusted by thousands of Massachusetts residents. The prices that NE Interlock charges are reasonable; Customers will always be provided with professional service, friendly staff, and expert advice from individuals that have been employed in the field for an elongated frame of time. Automobile electronics are becoming more challenging every day. So don't trust your mobile electronics installation to just anyone. If you require an Ignition Interlock installation, under the Massachusetts OUI Laws, in your car call the pro's at New England Interlock today, and feel secure that your vehicle's electronic systems are not being compromised by a novice installer and that you will get a genuien time tested Lifesafter Ignition Interlocking Device manufacture by non-other than - Lifesafer..

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CALL: 888-907-6230

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