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Cambridge Car Wash and Detailing

4 Cambridge Center (East Garage)
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142
United States of America

URL: http://www.cambridge-car-wash.com/

Summery: Every car needs a full service car wash once in a while, especially when mud and dust take away its glossy sheen. We at the Cambridge car cleaning company provide the best car wash in MA, as well as thorough auto and truck detailing that enormously increa

The humidity of MA makes regular, professional car washes an absolute must. Dust tends to cling to humid surfaces rather than getting blown off in the wind, and without regular car cleaning this can lead to rust holes - a serious problem that takes years off its possible life. Thorough waxing, which is part of any auto detailing service, is the best way to keep rust at bay. Another seasonal problem is the tar deposits in summer, which clog up your wheel wells and tyre treads. If you’re tired of scrubbing these out, our professional car wash technique will do the job quickly and thoroughly. Even trucks with insane amounts of dirt and tar come out looking good as new after our truck detailing service.

We at Cambridge take the "detail" in "auto detailing" very seriously, looking into all possible nooks and crannies where dirt and germs might be hiding. We give your car the best car wash it could have, while using as little water as possible to retain our status as an environmentally friendly car cleaning company. If you opt for our Complete Plus car washes, we even treat your door and trunk seals, spot clean interiors and exteriors, dress your tires and wheel rims, and perform a professional car detailing on the door and trunk jambs.

This doesn’t mean you always have to splash out on our complete auto detailing package or our full service car wash. Our car cleaning services include interior or exterior servicing alone, or an overall carwash that includes an exterior handwash, interior vacuuming and thorough dusting. This type of car wash service should ideally alternate with a professional auto detailing to keep your car in the best of health. A car that looks clean from the outside, however, can still be full of bugs and mites that cause allergies and colds. To keep these in check, we at Cambridge Car Wash & Detailing pay close attention to our car washes, with hand washing for intricate parts like the dashboard and pedals that machine washes could miss out on, and then thoroughly disinfecting the entire interior. The result is a carwash that leaves both the car and its owners looking, and feeling, a whole lot better!

A shining, spotless car is an absolute delight for the eyes. While mud and loose dust will always conspire against car owners, we use the best car wash products to remove these particles that cling to cars with bulldog-like stubbornness. At Cambridge car wash, we provide the professional car wash and detailing that your vehicle deserves, making sure that it leaves our workshop looking its beautiful best. You will find us at 4 Cambridge Center, (East Garage), Cambridge MA 02142.

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