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Billerica Car Stereo & Starter

309 Boston Road
Billerica, Massachusetts 01862
United States of America

Summery: A leader in the installation of car audio, video, navigation (GPS), alarm, radar devices and remote car starters in Billerica MA.

Car, Truck, SUV or Minivan Installations and sales of:
  • Alarms / security systems
  • Bluetooth / hands-free
  • CD players
  • DVD players
  • DVR & cameras
  • Fiber-optics installations: BMW,Porsche & Range-Rover
  • GPS / navigation systems
  • GPS tracking
  • Headrest monitors
  • HID / xenon lights
  • iPod / iPhone integration
  • Night vision
  • Parking sensors
  • Reader detectors
  • Remote starters
  • Stereo systems

Car Audio Installer -

Provided by Mackenzie Mobile Electronics

You can trust your car electronics installation and service to Mackenzie's Mobile Electronics. With 25 plus years in the business of professionally installing automobile electronic devices you can be sure their installation of car audio, video, remotes starters, phones, GPS, security systems, and more will leave you with a professional look, feel, and sound you will be proud of. More than ever, it takes a solidly trained electronics expert to properly install any device in a vehicle. Today's cars, trucks and vans can have as many as 10 multiplexed microcomputer systems controlling safety and drivability features that can easily be compromised if an installation is not done correctly. At Mackenzie Mobile Electronics, 309 Boston Road, Billerica, you won't have that worry as its trained staff of professional installers can handle any electronic task. For example, the expert installers at Mackenzie can handle projects that seem simple but require care – installing a new AM/FM radio control head is far more complicated than it seems as it requires interfacing with the vehicle's internal systems as well as, possibly, additional speaker or wiring work – to major rear entertainment system installations. For example, you may want a system that combines dual, headrest-mounted screens to interface with DVD or DVD/Blue-Ray and CD players, as well as a single control panel for the system or individual control panels for each headrest. This type of installation calls for sophisticated installation work so that all of the features work correctly the first and every time. And, if the new system requires special speaker installation and wiring, you need experts that know their business. Mackenzie Mobile Electronics is the shop to use as it has built a solid 25-year reputation on the quality and reliability of its installation work. So, if you are looking for a top electronics installer in Boston's northwestern suburbs, stop at Billerican Car Stereo and Starter services provided by Mackenzie Mobile Electronics because they can handle any chore you give them.

Car Audio Repair

Today's car, truck or van is much more than just wheels! It's really a highly complex rolling electronic environment that can have 8 or more multiplexed computer systems controlling safety and drivability systems. Is it any wonder that when it comes to a car audio or car stereo system in need of repair or installation that you need a respected professional specialist like Mackenzie Mobile Electronics, 309 Boston Road, Billerica to work on systems? For instance, let's say you're installing a Diamond or Morel CD or MP3 Player or that you would need an Audio head unit installed as the basis of your AM/FM stereo system, and then just interfacing the unit correctly with the existing interface wiring takes special expertise. Mackenzie has that expertise and they can easily meet your needs if you want to upgrade your sound system with Genesis Woofers or a huge Kenwood Subwoofer. Even an upgrade to your speaker system so that you are running with Pioneer speakers or Clarion Tweeters and that your crossover is a JVC requires the same type of expertise. The experts at Mackenzie know how to work with Infinity amplifiers and can run four-channel systems for both mono and stereo. Whether you need an iPod or an iPhone adapter or sound processor like an MTX unit, you are in good hands. You're in an especially good place for HD Radio installation. More and more today, people are relying on GPS units such as those supplied by AutoPage or navigation systems such as a CompuStar to help find directions while companies are controlling costs with Escort Car Tracking and CompuTrack fleet tracking systems. Mackenzie's installation team easily works with these tools to help companies keep track of their vehicles at all times or to help plan best routing scenarios to keep fuel costs down. The team is equally at home with Pioneer cellphone and mobile phone installs as well as with installing Clarion email monitoring systems. An interesting variant of email is the Jensen text (TXT) notification system that allows firms to send text alerts to their drivers or others who may need this service. Mackenzie can also help new-car dealers with specialized installations of Pioneer Headrest Displays and with Kenwood overhead display installation. These are key parts of rear entertainment systems that many new vehicle buyers are purchasing with their new vehicle. The form the center of a video rear entertainment system that allows a dealer the flexibility to have a Clarion DVD Player installed or a Vizualogic DVIX player as a key part of the system.

Car Audio Accessories and Brands

(IPOD, Remote Starter, Car Alarm)

Mackenzie's broad range of offerings includes Ferenheit VCD displays, as well as Audiovox LCD/TFT bright displays and if the customer requires an HDTV tuner, dealers have access to KTV tuners as well as TracVision Direct TV tuners and the ultimate entertainment video option Satellite TV. One of the most popular options of the last two years has been the hands-free Bluetooth Phone systems that keep drivers not only safe but in touch. Mackenzie offers a wide range of Bluetooth options including Kenwood Bluetooth products, Pioneer MOST systems, Parrot Music systems, Tooki video systems and hands-free dialing with NavTV. They can also integrate iPod and iPhone systems with your Bluetooth system and offer complete Bluetooth Mobile Communication service. Safety and Security are two important thoughts on the minds of most new-car buyers and Mackenzie can help out with NavTV Reverse Camera systems that allow you to view the area behind your vehicle, Steelmate Parking Sensor systems that provide you with backup warning tones and with better night vision with systems from Pyle. Completing the safety package, they provide you with Boyo rearview mirrors that help keep the light out of your eyes, blinding you a night. Expert at working with security vehicles, Mackenzie has a variety of strobe lights such as those from Boyo, Pioneer Air Horns and a neat Nova DVR system with up to four cameras that lets allows a security vehicle to keep an eye on things while it stays in the background. Whelen's Night Vision Camera helps provide vision even on the darkest nights while vehicles remain both waterproof and weatherproof thanks to Avitar and CompuStar systems. Ensuring that your vehicle stays where it belongs – in your driveway – is important to Mackenzie and the expert installation team can install Pro Motion Detectors, Autopage Shock and Vibration sensors, Viper Radar and Proximity detectors and Automate Tilt and Towing systems that will tell you if someone is trying to ramp truck your vehicle out. Mackenzie's work with alarms and starters also warns you if someone is trying to use your vehicles five-speed manual transmission or push to start button. Mackenzie not only installs and supports Intel Key Start systems but also Diesel and Patrol devices as well as 2 & 1 way devices. Expert at keyless entry system installation, they also provide systems that offer coverage diameters of 1,000 feet, 3,000 feet and up to 1 mile. Completing the package Mackenzie has a range of replacement remotes and battery replacement for those remotes. This Billerica Car Stereo, Starter and Mobile Electronics center proudly serves the area of Acton, Billerica, Burlington, Bedford, Concord, Tewksbury, Wilmington, Chelmsford, Lowell, Dracut, and Andover

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