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Wheelchairs of Los Angeles

213B S. Robertson Blvd.
Beverly Hills, California 90211
United States of America

URL: http://www.affordable-wheelchair.com/

Summery: Wheelchair Store offering: Rentals, Accessories & Repair, Servicing Los Angeles area

Being mobile is an attribute that tends to define us. The fact that we can move from one place to another for work and or play as and when we please is one of the greatest blessings to mankind.

But alas! There are some of us that have had this blessing challenged, and now mobility takes a bit more effort and sometime assistance. The reasons can be many, but the fact still remains that the activity of being able to walk or run from one place to another only remains a challenge that may require 3rd party assistance.

Well, that's where this wheelchair company can assist...

Los Angeles Wheelchair Supply brings to market the best and the most intricately designed wheel chairs to enable all of for whom being able to move from one place to another may not have seemed like an easy possibility prior to reading this article.

The store is located in the prominence of Beverly Hills CA, and being such an easily accessible and central area, they are able to serve the needs of people from nearby Los Angeles CA as well.

Following are some of the various kinds of wheelchairs that Los Angeles Wheelchair Supply deals in…..


This kind of wheelchair is the latest creation in the wheelchair market and is in great demand these days because of it's effortless use. These electric wheelchairs or Power wheelchairs are different from the old fashioned wheelchairs in the most obvious way, as these wheelchairs do not need to be manually maneuvered, thus the user will not need the assistance of another person to move him and the wheelchair from one place to another. These powered wheelchairs are nearly akin to a mini electric car, with all the controls for movement in the hands of the person seated on it. Once sitting into these powered wheel chairs, you can be the master of your own requirements by enabling you to move anywhere, anytime. These electric wheel chairs are available in various types, depending upon their working mechanism. There are numerous types of battery operated chairs, all of which require replacement of the battery after the expiry of battery life, some of which these electric wheelchairs operate longer on an electrical recharged than others. Another term you might hear referring to these chairs are the motorized wheel chair. Regardless of whether you need a chair for around the house, around the mall, or to motor you about the park and yard, all of these mentioned variations in models are available in Los Angeles Wheelchair Supply.


The need for a wheelchair may unfortunately arise for anyone, be it a child or an elderly. So to cater to the needs of these patients, Los Angeles Wheelchair Supply has kept in its store, a large collection of lightweight wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are very likely requested when the requirement is of a temporary kind as the cost of these wheelchairs is much less than the electric powered wheelchairs. Most of these wheelchairs are in the manual wheelchair class, to be operated manually by the patient or maneuvered by another person. The cost of these wheelchairs depends upon the extent of their lightweight design and construction.


Folding wheelchairs are in great demand these days by people that believe that the lesser the space occupied by something the better it is for the energy within the home. Los Angeles Wheelchair Supplies has paid a great deal of attention to this particular demand of its customers as well, and has in its store numerous varieties of these folding wheelchairs that can be ready in an instant when required and easily stored away folded for quick hiding of the chair.


Other than its customary wheelchairs for sale, Los Angeles Wheelchairs Supply also has come up with the unique concept of wheelchair rental where in case you need a wheelchair for a short duration, you don’t need to buy the wheelchair. You can rent out new or used wheelchairs for the required amount of time from their wheelchair rentals department. You can also return your used wheelchair, in the event that your function with it is over and Los Angeles Wheelchairs Supply will be more than happy to take it back from you affording it a second opertunity to be find a new home.

The management at Los Angeles Wheelchair Supply has a great deal of working experience with all kinds of insurance companies which is another reason why customers are attracted into procuring their supplies from this particular store. Allow Los Angeles to deal with the hassles of insurance billing, for both sales and regular service, and allow their efficient management to remove the apprehension of attempting to figure out what insurance will pay for and how. Thus providing the client with insurance guidance is yet another daily function performed by the experts at Los Angeles Wheelchair Supply along with their primary activity of wheelchair sales.

Their staff is highly qualified and extremely experienced in the area of selling and servicing wheelchairs and is always more than happy to provide any sort of assistance to the customers in the process of purchasing or servicing a wheelchair.

Los Angeles Wheelchair Supply along with the abundant brands of wheelchairs at its disposal also has wheelchairs from the higher end brands like Shoprider wheelchair, Mmerits wheelchairs and Invacare Transport wheelchair.

So what are you waiting for? If you, or someone you love, have recently found they are in need of any sort of wheelchair, Los Angeles Wheelchair Supplies is the answer for you…. Just walk in to their store and you will be pleasantly surprised at the kind of service you will receive from the staff and experts there!

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Phone: 888-409-7507

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