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Orbital Therapy

8 Alfred Circle
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730
United States of America

URL: http://www.orbitaltherapy.com/

Orbital Therapy LLC, a Massachusetts entity with offices in Bedford, Massachusetts, is developing bunkerless radiotherapy devices not requiring traditional shielding for operation. Our first project focuses on a dedicated, self-shielded radiation therapy device for the treatment of breast cancer in the prone position. This medical device company was founded in the beginning of 2006 by Jason Koshnitsky and Alan Sliski, who both have significant industry knowledge, start-up, sales and marketing, and engineering experience. In Europe and the US, there are 550 thousand new cases of breast cancer each year leading to more than 170 thousand deaths from this disease. Breast cancer remains to be the leading cancer in women and one quarter of the workload of a typical radiation therapy department consists of breast cancer treatments, representing the largest population. Radiation therapy equipment and techniques used for the treatment of breast cancer have barely changed in the last decades. Current equipment, designed primarily for the treatment of deep seated tumors, offers poor access to the anatomy and is not well suited to deliver modern treatment techniques for the treatment of breast, which are already in use for other types of cancer.

In addition, early detection and effective treatment are leading to longer survival and are shifting focus to long term effects associated with conventional radiation therapy delivery method and economics of these therapies. Medical practitioners have initiated protocols to find a way to better isolate the breast tissue from the rest of the body to reduce these long-term complications as well as deliver more precise treatment to the breast in less time.

With respect to most other types of cancer, breast cancer is currently successfully treated with surgery plus radiation. Our patented technology is designed to allow the practitioner to deliver whole or partial breast irradiation, while sparing critical structures at risk such as lung and heart, and lowering whole body dose. By offering these advantages, the clinicians can apply the novel approaches of accelerates radiation treatment, cutting the time of the procedure from 6 weeks to 1 week, and even potentially eliminating the need for lumpectomy surgery by using stereotactic radiosurgery to ablate the tumor. The device will integrate imaging capabilities and be compatible with existing treatment planning software.

New advances in radiotherapy such as IMRT (intensity modulated radiotherapy), IGRT (image guided radiotherapy), and in the future proton therapy are increasing the per-patient procedural time, thus decreasing the overall throughput per treatment machine and increasing the total number of machines required. Multi-purpose linear accelerators are designed to treat deep seated tumors, and are not optimized for ideal treatment of the breast. We offer a solution, which will allow the hospital to free-up significant time on the general purpose multi-million dollar linear accelerator by moving most of their breast patients to our dedicated machine, designed and optimized solely for this purpose. By eliminating the need for a conventional bunker, in some cases costing in excess of $5M, this device will enable breast clinics to reduce their capital outlay and enter the profitable business of radiation therapy.


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Phone: 508-202-7224

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